Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bellwether Carmody

I'm turning 40 this year (sigh), and in reviewing this last decade of my life, I realize I made several goals for my 30's that for one reason or another, I just didn't get around to. Don't get me wrong, my 30's have been great. I met and married my soul-mate, my two kids are healthy, happy, and doing well in school, and Noah and I bought our cheese shop, which is huge because it put to rest that nagging question "what do I want to do with my life?" So overall, my 30's have been a win. But, there is still this list of things I was determined to do that I just didn't do. Some of the items on the list we can just cross off right now because they no longer apply.

For example, "skydiving" was on my list for my 30's. I didn't do it, and I can tell you right now I'm not going to do it. Mainly because as I've aged, I've become less and less comfortable with flying. I like being on the ground - to the extent that I recently got hypnotized in the hopes of feeling more comfortable with the 8 or 9 trips I'm taking this year which require flying. So no, I'm NOT going to voluntarily jump out of a plane. But there is something on that list I can do (which doesn't require my feet to leave the earth): engage in more health conscious eating.

I'm guessing by now you were wondering what my little bucket list has to do with Bellwether Farms Carmody cheese, right? Well, I've decided to follow a healthy eating regimen, not a diet mind you, but just a change in my eating habits which requires that I don't eat a lot of sugary foods, but does allow me to eat 1 serving of dairy 3 times a day. This is where the Carmody comes in: I pretty much rely on those 3 servings of dairy to provide me with the bulk of enjoyment I'm going to get out of my food on a daily basis. So I'm insistent on selecting dairy which is going to taste really, really, really good. And Carmody does. Really good. This mild, creamy, table cheese boasts a fresh, but intensely buttery Jersey Cow's milk flavor, and even though it's a fairly young cheese, there is a depth and richness to it which is second to none.

The key to me successfully crossing this item off my list is that with Carmody as part of my healthy eating plan, I never have to feel deprived. Now, if only I could accomplish all the other goals on my list just by eating cheese...

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