Wednesday, February 10, 2010

St. Valentine's Day: Whatever it means for you, it's a Great Excuse to Eat Cheese!

When I was growing up, Valentine's Day was usually a source of anxiety. Would anyone at school give me a card? Would the person or people I gave cards to reject me? Would my mom let me eat all the candy I got or would I have to hide it from her? These are the questions that plagued me in the week leading up to the day.

As I got older and began to date, the anxiety developed into a mixed back of nervousness and anticipation. What would my boyfriend do to mark the occasion (would he even remember)? What should I give him? What should I wear? Will he say "I love you!" or will there be awkward silence? More often than not, the immense build-up of expectations lead to a somewhat deflated, anti-climatic pseudo-romantic debacle. Fun.

Now that I'm suspended in a state of utter bliss - married to my soul-mate, business partner, and best friend (not three separate people, mind you, just one guy named Noah), I no longer suffer from even an ounce of unease over this Hallmarkiest of holidays. We just keep it simple: time together, alone, Blackberries turned off, with some really good food. What are we eating this year? Well the menu hasn't come together completely yet, but one thing's for sure - our cheese course will include the delectable little heart-shaped chevre with rose petal preserve we brought into the store this week to celebrate Valentine's Day. Imported from France, this goat's milk cheese has a lovely Geotrichum Candidum rind, and is a perfectly formed heart-shape. The combination of the tangy, lemoniness of the cheese along with the earthy, sweet, floral notes of the rose petal preserve will rocket you into another dimension. Flawless.

I hope that whatever emotions this holiday brings up for you, you'll do yourself the favor of commemorating it by eating great cheese!

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